Choose Respect


When Frankston City Council wanted to proactively tackle domestic violence, they conceived of a mobile application for 13 to 20 year-olds that could inform them of what respectful relationships look like and how to identify when you are not in a respectful relationship. Along with partner organisation FSG, the challenge was to present pages and pages of material that would keep users engaged, and provide actionable links to help services, all from within the one resource.
Choose Respect


We developed a custom mobile app using a hybrid application framework meaning that we could keep costs lower, while at the same time reducing the time it took to develop the application and publish it to the marketplace.

While wireframing the application page flows, our designers developed a custom set of “emoji’s that would ultimately be the storytellers.

The emoji characters engage with the user to lead you through the information, and self-help quizzes – making the user experience fun as well as informative.

The hybrid development framework enabled us to publish Apple iOS, iPad, and Android versions simultaneously.


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