CircleSource Web Application


When professional services marketplace Startup "CircleSource" conceived of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers to engage each other, they needed a development and operations (Dev/Ops) partner that could not only build a large scale, enterprise-ready application, but they also needed one who could commit to providing ongoing managed hosting, application support and development services into the future.
CircleSource Web Application


We started by building out an application architecture that would deliver the CircleSource MVP with the capability to support the growth predictions for the first 18 months. We settled on a Laravel/PHP based solution, hosted on a highly redundant Amazon Web Services infrastructure stack. The front end was developed in ReactJS as a hybrid combination of single-page application and multiple page areas of the site.

The solutions was implements using best practice MVC (model, view, controller) techniques with a reusable API protected via OAuth security. The database technology selected was MySQL delivered via an Amazon Relational Database Service instance and scaled with growth. We developed a zero downtime deployment method, using an automated test-harness to test and deploy new releases quickly and with minimal input from developers and admins. As a result, our agile development team could deliver functionality incrementally while still having the ability to patch production with “hotfixes” when required.

Now entering the second year of continued Dev/Ops with the CircleSource organisation, we are stoked to be a part of their growth journey. On top of that, we have delivered a platform virtually free of any significant unplanned outages!


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